The Functionality to Take Your B2B Email Campaigns to the Next Level

Your business requires a B2B email provider with a wide range of capabilities and full functionality so that you can effectively reach and communicate with your customers, prospects, and even cold leads from purchased lists. ProspectMail offers a full suite of features. You will have access to all the basic tools you need to quickly begin a new email campaign, and advanced features to help you fully automate, target, and report your email lead generation.

List Importer

Quickly and accurately upload all of your email and contact lists – even purchased lists. ProspectMail imports XLS and CSV formats and also has an extremely easy cut-and-paste interface. Save time on importing and organizing, so that you can focus on crafting the B2B email campaign that will result in valuable customer acquisition.


Your ability to segment and finely target your customers is crucial to your email lead generation efforts. Choose an email provider that gives you full control over segmentation, so that you can customize messaging by whatever lead criteria are most relevant, such as title, industry, location, or buying activity. Send emails that are completely relevant to the recipients and watch your open rates and email acquisition grow by leaps and bounds. Then use this segmentation to accurately measure campaign effectiveness.

Email Templates

ProspectMail provides a large collection of templates that you can use and customize for your specific B2B email campaigns. Whether you are sending blog posts, newsletters, holiday greetings, or sales materials, you will be able to save time by using one of our high quality and professional email templates. If you’d like to start from scratch, you can use a blank template and completely customize it according to your tastes and needs.

Website Integration

With ProspectMail, you will be able to fully integrate with your website. Embedding contact forms and subscription buttons is simple and easy, ensuring that new leads are automatically organized into the correct segments, contacted, and subject to accurate reporting.

Multiple Campaign Types

Tailor your campaigns based on marketing strategy, product, and audience. Using ProspectMail, you will be able to choose from a number of different campaign types, so that you can communicate with your leads in exactly the way you want.

Regular Campaigns

Single message email campaigns

Subscriber Date Based Campaigns

Campaigns that trigger on custom subscriber dates such as birthdays, holidays, or anniversaries

Auto Responder Campaigns

Automated campaigns that respond after a lead subscribes, contacts you, or makes a purchase

Split Testing Campaigns

A/B testing to find out which emails and call-to-actions are most effective for email acquisition

RSS Feed Campaigns

Automatically trigger an email based on RSS feed updates

Text Only

Text only versions of your emails


An email provider is only as strong as its reporting features, and at ProspectMail, we provide you with all the analytical tools that your organization needs to properly measure campaigns and improve them. Compare open rates, sharing and forwards, and clickthroughs to gauge the effectiveness of your latest campaign. Use bounce rate reporting and tracking of unsubscribing to improve your email database and fine-tune your messaging. After viewing the email reports, you can print, save, share, or export them for convenience and long term analysis.

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