Take your B2B lead generation to the next level. With ProspectMail, you will reach your most important contacts exactly when you want, helping to turn even your coldest leads into solid prospects. Compared to other email providers, ProspectMail is an incredibly intuitive, powerful, and customizable marketing solution that works well with any list – including purchased lists.

Speed Up Your Buy Cycle

Automated and triggered messages will enable you to stay in front of your prospect and respond to their buying signals. Instantly capitalize on interest and opportunity, converting your prospects into sales that will drive your business forward, and even trigger additional emails to encourage repeat purchases. With our easy-to-use reporting interface, understand what messaging is most effective in real-time, so that you can make email marketing adjustments quickly for efficient B2B email lead generation.

Nurture Leads

Build a pipeline from your cold leads, transforming potential buyers into engaged prospects. With ProspectMail, you can manage subscriptions, so your contacts can opt-in to more specialized and targeted segments, guaranteeing that they get the content and information they need to move toward conversion. Automated messaging will keep them engaged longer, so that you can build on their interest. Using our reporting and analytics, you will be able to measure what content is most relevant and effective, so that you can tailor your email marketing in a coherent way.

Precise Targeting

More than ever, relevance and credibility have become the keys to successful B2B email marketing. Increase email acquisition by precisely segmenting your email list by characteristics and behavior, so that your organization’s messaging is more relevant to the recipient. Use our A/B split-testing functionality to experiment with different content, subject lines, call-to-actions, and more. Find what works best and capitalize.

Real Time Reporting

Create a nimble and adaptive B2B email marketing campaign that can quickly respond to changing tastes and market conditions. ProspectMail is an email provider that offers instantaneous reporting and analytics features, so that you can monitor open rate, forwards, click-throughs, bounce rates, unsubscribes, and more—all in real time. Use real-time reporting in coordination with split testing to quickly gather market insights and customer database profiles that lead to better targeted campaigns.

100% CAN-SPAM Compliant

ProspectMail provides email marketing services that are completely CAN-SPAM compliant, so that you can safely communicate with your prospects free of regulatory risk and ensure high delivery rates. Our processes were designed to be used with cold leads and purchased lists, so you can confidently reach out to new contacts and convert them into new customers.

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